CHME Common Syllabus Addendum

The NMSU Chemical & Materials Engineering Department has developed a single addendum to each course syllabus, containing information common to all courses in the curriculum.  Please refer to this document for policies and procedures relevant to each CHME course.

CHME Undergrad Core

The undergraduate core are those classes required of all tracks through the BSCHE.

CHME Graduate Core

The graduate core represents all classes required of the MSCHE and Ph D in Chemical Engineering.

CHME Graduate Elective Courses


CHME Elective Courses

The CHME elective requirements in all CHME degree programs are fulfilled by the list of courses below (400-level for BSCHE, 500-level for MSCHE and Ph D where cross-listed).  This list is not as complete as found in the Undergraduate Catalog because these are the courses that will continued to be taught with some regularity in the short-term.  Other elective courses found in the catalog but not listed below may not be taught again, and will eventually be removed from the catalog if that is the case.

General Education

This  course cannot be taken to fulfill the Viewing a Wider World requirement in the BSCHE curriculum.