CHME 392. Numerical Methods in Engineering


1. Course number and name

CHME 392. Numerical Methods

2. Credits and contact hours

3 credit hours = 45 contact hours per semester

3. Instructor’s or course coordinator’s name

Dr. Martha Mitchell

4. Text book, title, author, and year

Al-Malah, Kamal I. M.., Matlab Numerical Methods with Chemical Engineering Applications, McGraw-Hill, 2014, ISBN# 978-0-07-183128-4.

a. other supplemental materials


5. Specific course information

a. catalog description:  Study and application of numerical methods in solving problems commonly encountered in engineering. The numerical methods are motivated by engineering problems rather than by mathematics. However, sufficient mathematical theory will be provided so that students can appreciate the insight into the techniques and their shortcomings of different methods. MATLAB will be used as the working environment for implementing and performing the numerical methods in computers. This course is an engineering elective open to all engineering majors.

b. prerequisites: MATH 392 co-requisites: none

c. required, elective, or selected elective (as per Table 5-1): required

6. Specific goals for the course

a. At the end of this course the student will be able to:

  • Use MATLAB® as a tool to solve chemical engineering problems;
  • Import and graph data using MATLAB;
  • Write and use script M-files and function M-files;
  • Understand the differences between script M-files and function M-files and why they are used in different situations;
  • Be able to translate algebraic equations into matrices, and use MATLAB to solve systems of linear algebraic equations;
  • Fit equations to data, obtain parameters, and determine the goodness of fit;
  • Linearize non-linear equations and obtain parameters for the nonlinear equations;
  • Use MATLAB to symbolically and numerically integrate one-dimensional integrals;
  • Solve systems of ordinary differential equations analytically (by hand);
  • Solve systems of ordinary differential equations numerically and analytically using MATLAB.

b. Criterion 3 Student Outcomes specifically addressed by this course are found in a mapping of outcomes against all CHME courses in the curriculum.

7. Brief list of topics to be covered

  1. Chapter 1: MATLAB Basics
  2. Chapter 2: Matrices
  3. Chapter 3: MATLAB Scripting Language M-file
  4. Chapter 8: A System of Algebraic Equations
  5. Chapter 5: Curve-Fitting
  6. Chapter 6: Numerical Integration
  7. Chapter 7: Solving Differential Equations
  8. Chapter 10: Chemical Engineering Applications

Common Syllabus Addendum

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