CHME 391. Industrial Employment


1. Course number and name

CHME 391. Industrial Employment 

2. Credits and contact hours

1-2 credit hours = 0 direct contact hours per semester (40 hr/wk employment for minimum 6 weeks)

3. Instructor’s or course coordinator’s name

Dr. David A. Rockstraw, Ph. D., P. E.

4. Text book, title, author, and year


a. other supplemental materials


5. Specific course information

a. catalog description:  Employment in chemical, petroleum, food, biotechnology, materials, environmental or pharmaceutical industry with opportunity for professional experience and training in chemical engineering. Requires written report covering work period approved by employer. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits. Arrangements must be made prior to employment. Restricted to majors.

b. prerequisites: consent of dept head co-requisites: none

c. required, elective, or selected elective (as per Table 5-1): elective

6. Specific goals for the course

a. The student will…

  • gain educational and work experiences that are directly related to the BSCHE curriculum and the student’s career goals.
  • develop an understanding of the demands, responsibilities, and opportunities of professional employment.
  • be provided an opportunity to apply principles and techniques learned in the CHME curriculum to real life problem-solving situations.
  • gain a better understanding of decision-making and implementation processes.

b. Criterion 3 Student Outcomes specifically addressed by this course are found in a mapping of outcomes against all CHME courses in the curriculum.

7. Brief list of topics to be covered

  • Industrial Employment

Reporting Requirement

A written report is required describing the work session. The report should describe assigned projects and associated outcomes during the period of employment. Students must also schedule and complete an exit interview with the department head.

The nature of activities performed during a work session by a CHME student can vary widely. The following general workplace topics should also be addressed in the report:

  • Provide background about yourself:
    • name and hometown
    • explain why you choose NMSU CHME
    • highest CHME course completed from: 102, 201, 305, 306, 307, 452, 455
  • State the objective(s) of your work session as defined by your employer. 
    Discuss how these objectives were met.
    Comment about the extent to which your Chemical Engineering education prepared you to accomplish these tasks.
  • Describe the value placed on safety in the workplace.
    Define your responsibilities relative to safety.
  • Discuss the extent to which communication skills were a part of the job.
    Summarize the various means of communication that you employed.

Reports must be approved by the employer to assure no confidential information is disclosed and must conform to the standards of the writing guide as described in the CHME Common Syllabus Addendum.  Reports will be graded for responsiveness to the content requested, clarity of communication, document structure, and grammar.

Common Syllabus Addendum

The NMSU Department of Chemical Engineering maintains a syllabus addendum containing course requirements common to all courses with the CH E prefix online.  This document is accessible from the URL: