CHME 307. Transport Operations III: Staged Operations


1. Course number and name

CHME 307. Transport Operations III: Staged Operations 

2. Credits and contact hours

3 credit hours = 45 contact hours per semester

3. Instructor’s or course coordinator’s name

Dr. Thomas Manz 

4. Text book, title, author, and year

Wankat, Phillip C., Separation Process Engineering (Includes Mass Transfer Analysis), 4th edition, Prentice Hall, 2012,
ISBN# 0-13-344365-5.

a. other supplemental materials


5. Specific course information

a. catalog description:  Theory of mass transport. Mass transfer coefficients. Analysis of chemical engineering unit operations involving mass transfer and separations. Equilibrium stage concept. General design and operation of mass-transfer equipment and separation sequences. 

b. prerequisites: CHME 302, CHME 306  co-requisites: none

c. required, elective, or selected elective (as per Table 5-1): required

6. Specific goals for the course

a. The student will…

  • Determine which kind of separation (e.g., distillation, adsorption, membrane, etc.) is best suited to separate a particular mixture  
  • Design various kinds of separation units to achieve a target flow rate and purity
  • Evaluate the cost effectiveness and energy requirements of a separation
  • Perform McCabe-Theile analysis
  • Include efficiencies and mass transfer effects in the design of separation units

b. Criterion 3 Student Outcomes specifically addressed by this course are found in a mapping of outcomes against all CHME courses in the curriculum.

7. Brief list of topics to be covered

  • Single equilibrium stages and flash drum calculations
  • Continuous and batch distillation columns
  • Packed and staged distillation columns 
  • McCabe-Thiele analysis
  • Absorption and stripping
  • Extractive separation
  • Membrane processes  
  • Adsorption processes

Common Syllabus Addendum

The NMSU Department of Chemical Engineering maintains a syllabus addendum containing course requirements common to all courses with the CH E prefix online.  This document is accessible from the URL: