Educational Objectives

Undergraduate Program Educational Objectives

The Chemical & Materials Engineering Department at New Mexico State University strives to produce undergraduates who several years into their professional careers will:

  1. apply their problem-solving and communication skills to chemical engineering industries, government research labs, academia, and related fields;
  2. implement safety practices in their work;
  3. be on the path to leadership; and
  4. build new skills sets through continuing education and professional development.

These Program Educational Objectives (PEOs), which are modified based on input from our constituencies, are consistent with the missions of NMSU, the College of Engineering and the Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering.  


Graduate Program Educational Objectives

Reviewed and approved by CHME constituency (faculty, Academy, and CHEGSO) during the Fall 2015 semester.  

Updated on 11/22/2016 by the CHME faculty during the 2016 Faculty Assessment Retreat.

Updated by the CHME faculty during the on 10/17/2018 faculty meeting.

CHME graduate students must

  1. demonstrate skills in the (1) design of experiments or simulations, (2) collection of experimental/simulated data, (3) development of appropriate models, and (4) make appropriate use of those models;
  2. complete an independent research project, resulting in at least a thesis/dissertation and peer-reviewed journal article(s);
  3. defend original research in front of a panel of peers and experts;
  4. be knowledgeable of the contemporary issues that are relevant to their chosen area of research.