Chemical Orders/Inventory




Chemical orders in CHME must be placed using

If you are not already in the system, you can request an invitation to the NMSU CHME site by sending an email to

CHME researchers  must place a request to order chemicals using this system.  This includes CHEM store purchases (for which receipts must be brought to the CHME administrative assistant) and compressed gas cylinders.

You may enter requests at any time, but the CHME lab manager will only approve your order after an ESP for the work has been approved.  The CHME lab manager will check to see if the requester has an existing inventory of the requested material.  If so, the order will not be approved until the requester has demonstrated the previous acquisition of material has been consumed or disposed and is ready to be removed from the chemical inventory, or that additional material is needed to continue work under the relevant ESP.

The individual who places a chemical or materials order further accepts the responsibility to log onto their Quartzy account and (1) mark the location and sub-location where the chemical will be stored; and (2) provide indication when the chemical has been used or disposed.

Chemicals/materials received at the CHME office will only be released for pick-up to an individual named on the ESP for use of that chemical.  It is expected that upon pick-up, the chemical will be brought immediately to the storage location noted in the ESP.

For a consumable material (such as liquid nitrogen) that is purchased and used quickly, researchers should maintain a “normal quantity” n the Quartzy chemical inventory, as if it were there all the time. This will provide authorization for LN2 material to be used in that location. If someone performed a random audit and did not find any present, then we would respond that at that time it was “not in use.”  Anyone handling LN2 must still be properly trained and shown on an ESP that uses it for their experiments. (per Safety Specialist Juanita Miller, 05/31/2016)

11/08/2019 CHME Safety Seminar (Quartzy training can be found at the 30 minute mark)

For extenuating circumstances for which a chemical must be ordered before the ESP has been completed, a  Chemical Special Order Authorization should be completed and signed.

Procedure for Shipping of Hazardous Materials

For purchases made by p-card, please provide Carol Dyer with a hard copy of the receipt at the time of purchase, and send to her by e-mail: (1) the index number to which to bill the expense; (2) a preferred short title (which can be found of the Doc Drop provided when Index and fund are set up, emailed to the PI from SPA or ERC) or identify the purpose for the purchase; and finally, your (the PI) approval for this purchase if made by someone other than yourself.