CHME 455. Chemical Plant Design


1. Course number and name

CHME 455. Chemical Plant Design

2. Credits and contact hours

3 credit hours = 45 contact hours per semester

3. Instructor’s or course coordinator’s name

 John W. Schutte (under direction of David A. Rockstraw, Ph. D., P. E.)

4. Text book, title, author, and year

This course makes use of numerous texts from previous courses in the curriculum.

a. other supplemental materials


5. Specific course information

a. catalog description: Design and analysis of integrated process plants. Consideration given to optimizing performance, operability, reliability, safety, control, energy integration, and cost effectiveness. Requires written report covering solution of a capstone design problem. 

b. prerequisites: CHME 412, CHME 452 co-requisites: CHME 455L

c. required, elective, or selected elective (as per Table 5-1): required

6. Specific goals for the course

a. The student will…

  • understand government regulation of chemical processes;
  • be knowledgable of process safety analysis procedures;
  • understand “normal” process conditions vs. those of concern;
  • be able to perform a process optimization (topological vs. parametric);
  • be able to perform a heat integration analysis through pinch technology;
  • use heuristics to confirm the suitability of a process design; 
  • understand how to perform a base case analysis; and
  • be able to complete an analysis of a chemical plant design that includes: base case development and justification; process simulation; topological and parametric optimizations; societal impact assessment; and economic evaluation; including making recommendations based on their findings.

b. Criterion 3 Student Outcomes specifically addressed by this course are found in a mapping of outcomes against all CHME courses in the curriculum.

7. Brief list of topics to be covered

  • Government regulation of chemical processes 
  • Process safety analysis procedures 
  • Process conditions and concerns 
  • Process Optimization: Topological vs. Parametric 
  • Heat integration via Pinch Technology 
  • Experience-Based Principles
  • Base Case Analysis 

Common Syllabus Addendum

The NMSU Department of Chemical Engineering maintains a syllabus addendum containing course requirements common to all courses with the CH E prefix online.  This document is accessible from the URL: