Brewery Engineering


minor code: BREW

Faculty Steward: Brewer

REQUIRED Courses (15 credit hours):

Select 3 credit hours:

  • FSTE 1120. Food Science I (4)
  • FSTE 328. Introduction to Food Engineering (4)
  • FSTE 425. Sensory Evaluation of Foods (3)
  • HRTM 2110. Safety, Sanitation and Health in the Hospitality Industry
  • CHME 391. Industrial Employment (in the brew industry) (1-2)
  • CHME 491. Special Topics (International Experience courses tagged as “Brewery Engineering Minor”)
  • CHME 498. Undergraduate Research (involving brewing science research)

This minor is designed to align with the Master Brewer’s Association of the Americas guidelines for a 4-year program in Brewing Science.

Additional Brewery Engineering credentials can be obtained through:

It has long been recognized that the study of chemical engineering is appropriate to the understanding of a vast range of concepts associated with the brewing industry.  In 1935, this article by M. B. Donald described many of the fundamental process steps for which the BSCHE prepares a student to begin work in the industry.