NMSU CHME productivity at top of peer departments

In the fall of 2014, Kelsey Lee was seeking an activity for which she could receive an hour of academic credit.  The CHME Department engaged Ms. Lee in a CHME 498 research activity to mine data about research productivity from the Web of Science.    The study below is the result of her efforts.  Ms. Lee’s study does not include a list of conclusions, but the results speak for themselves.  NMSU Chemical & Materials Engineering is among the most productive on a per faculty basis.

The departments selected for this study include a combination of NMSU-recognized peer institutions (which do not necessarily have Chemical Engineering programs of a similar size as NMSU), and CHME-recognized peer institutions (composed of programs with 6-10 faculty members).  While the big programs churn out large quantities of publications, the NMSU CHME program leads all of them on a per-faculty consideration, and the absolute number of citations the papers published by the small NMSU CHME faculty are receiving is on the same order of magnitude as the larger departments, and dwarfs the productivity of departments of similar size.


Five-year research publication and citation productivity of the NMSU Chemical & Materials Engineering Department



Download the entire data set below.