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College of Engineering Recognizes Staff and Faculty Accomplishments

  • By Linda Fresques
  • 575-646-7416
  • March 01, 2022

During it’s annual Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony, numerous members of the College of Engineering received appreciation for their contributions as leaders, teacher, researchers and supporters of the college and its students.

“I always enjoy this event because it is a special time for us to celebrate all of the dedicated and motivated people who make the College of Engineering a unique and special place. We are fortunate to have people who place support and education of our students first and foremost,” said Lakshmi N. Reddi, College of Engineering Dean.

The Feb. 25 virtual event announced the following College of Engineering awards. Recipients receive $1,000 awards which are funded by the late Ed Forman, civil engineering alum; the family of former engineering dean Frank Bromilow, and the Ajit Bhatti family:

  • Faculty Leadership Award: Vimal Chaitanya, professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • One-College Faculty Award: Mona Elshinawy, assistant professor, Engineering Technology and Surveying Engineering
  • Synergy One-College Staff Award, Sashidhar Chintalapati, data analyst, College of Engineering Dean’s Office
  • Ed Foreman Faculty Excellence Award, Salim Bawazir, associate professor, Civil Engineering
  • Ed Foreman Staff Excellence Award, Edie Hughes, administrative assistant, College of Engineering Dean’s Office
  • Bromilow Outstanding Staff Service Award, Monica Dunivan, grants coordinator, College of Engineering
  • Bromilow Teaching Excellence Award, Wei Tang, associate professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Frank and Dorothy Bromilow Engineering Student Award, Yasaman Ghanbari, Engineers Council President Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Bhatti Family Student Assistant Award, Muhammad Azeem Alvi, Ph.D. candidate, Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Carolina Escobosa Salas, M.S. candidate, Chemical and Materials Engineering 

Others recognized included new professorship holders, top new grant awardees and those faculty and staff who have received NMSU awards.

To watch the ceremony, visit: