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CHME alumnus wins outstanding researcher award


  • By jph
  • OCT 26, 2021

La familia de CHME congratulates alumnus, Dr. Dipendu Saha for his recent successes at Widener University!  Dr. Saha was a graduate student within the CHME program and received his Ph.D. 2009 from the NMSU CHME program. He went on to complete postdoctoral appointments from University of Quebec-Trois Rivieres and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Thereafter, in 2013, Dr. Saha joined the chemical engineering faculty as an assistant professor at Widener University in Chester, PA. He has swiftly ascended in rank and was recently appointed as the department chair (2021). We also congratulate Dr. Saha for having recently received the Outstanding Researcher Award in recognition of his exemplary achievements in research and scholarship. His research area includes design and synthesis of nanoporous materials for water purification, carbon capture, gas separation and critical elements recovery. His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, American Chemical Society, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Department of Energy and Ivanhoe Foundation.

La familia de CHME welcomes all success stories from alumni. If you have good news, share it with us! (email: