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CHME prepared for pandemic since last summer

COVID-19 will not prevent CHME from delivering quality advising and learning services.

CHME initiated an online advising process in 2016 that permitted CHME students to seek departmental mentoring advice on course selection for ensuing semesters.  This form is expected to serve as the primary advising means for the fall 2020 semester in the coming weeks.  Web site pop-ups will provide a direct link to the advising forms for convenience of the students.

In addition, CHME implemented the Watkins Connected Learning Classroom in Summer 2019, permitting CHME faculty to deliver content remotely to students in any location where they have access to internet.  The Watkins classroom will be used by most of the faculty to move their content “online” in a manner that permits the faculty to continue to teach live.  For many students already receiving their content in this manner, the return from spring break will be “business as usual.”  

CHME would like to thank those involved in making these great resources available in a timely manner to permit CHME to lead the way at NMSU.