CHME TA/RA Eligibility


Teaching assistantship (TA) or research assistantship (RA) eligibility for the ensuing semester, students are expected to be active participants in the Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering.

Training Requirements

  • Online Graduate Assistant Orientation (attendance required 1 time only)
  • College of Engineering GA training (required)

Coursework/Enrollment Requirements

All students must satisfy the following :

  • earn a grade of B or better for the undergrad course deficiencies (TA requirement only),
  • be enrolled full-time, and
  • have a cumulative NMSU graduate GPA of at least 3.0.

Also, foreign nationals must have passed either the spoken English proficiency exam or are enrolled in the English for TA’s course.

Safety Requirements

  • All graduate students must remain current with their safety training requirements, including attending all departmental safety meetings and audits.
  • All graduate students must follow safe practices and processes as established by the department, college, and university.

Research Requirements

MS candidates must also meet the following:

  • making satisfactory progress toward their degree,
  • by the end of one semester have selected and be working on a research project,
  • been receiving TA support no more than 4 regular semesters.

Ph.D. candidates must meet the following research requirements after beginning the Ph.D. program at NMSU:

  • by the end of one semester have selected and be working on a research project,
  • by the end of 18 months have taken the qualifying exam,
  • by the end of 30 months have taken the comprehensive exam,
  • been receiving TA support no more than 8 regular semesters.

Departmental Service Responsibilities

  • Participate in CHEGSO meetings and CHEGSO-approved community service.
  • Attend departmental seminars (CHME 590/690 and as announced) and safety meetings, where students are expected to interact respectfully with the speaker(s).  Students are expected to inform the seminar coordinator when unable to attend.

Performance Evaluations

Teaching Assistants are evaluated twice each semester (midterm and final evaluations) by the members of the faculty to whom they report.  TAs are scored for responsiveness, timeliness, work quality, interpersonal skills with undergraduate students, and overall assessment.  Students whose performance as a teaching assistant is substandard risk losing funding in subsequent semesters.

  The Department Head has the final discretion in all funding decisions.

I understand these rules and requirements for receiving graduate assistantship funds from the NMSU Chemical & Materials Engineering Department. I further understand that failure to fulfill my responsibilities will be grounds for forfeiture of these funds.


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