Materials Engineering

minor code: MAEG

Faculty Steward: Zhou

The Materials Engineering minor at New Mexico State University is part of a materials education program that addresses the growing demand for engineers and scientists with understanding of the wide range of materials, their properties, and means of characterization.  A student must pass 18 credits from a list available in the Chemical Engineering departmental office with a grade C or better.  The minor includes one required course, and the balance elective courses chosen from a menus available on the Chemical Engineering website. No courses may be taken S/U.  All prerequisites for the classes must be met or consent of the instructor obtained before enrolling in class.

Available to both graduate and undergraduate students.


  • CHME 361. Engineering Materials

Electives (15 credits) from the following list:

  • C E 301. Mechanics of Materials
  • C E 311. Civil Engineering Materials
  • C E 357. Soil Mechanics
  • C E 479. Pavement Analysis and Design
  • C E 498/596. Introduction to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • CHME 461/561. Calculation of Material and Molecular Properties
  • CHME 464/564. Polymer Science
  • CHME 466/566. Fuel Cell Tecnology
  • CHME 467/567. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • CHME 476. Nuclear Fuel Cycles
  • CHME 479. Degradation and Corrosion of Materials
  • CHME 485/585. Materials from Biorenewable Resources
  • CHME 486/586. Biofuels
  • CHME 491. Development of Agricultural Technologies 
  • CHME 498. Undergraduate Research (tagged “Materials Engineering Minor)
  • Shell-&-core nanoparticles of 10 nm diameter with nickel cores and ruthenium shells produced by spray pyrolysis technique developed by Dr. Pingali (former graduate student of Deng and Rockstraw)

    CHEM 371. Analytical Chemistry

  • CHEM 471. Instrumental Methods of Analysis
  • E E 425. Introduction to Semiconductor Devices
  • GEOL 1150. Mineralogy
  • I E 375. Manufacturing Processes II
  • PHYS 315. Modern Physics
  • PHYS 315L. Experimental Modern Physics
  • PHYS 454. Intermediate Modern Physics I (added 10/04/15)
  • PHYS 455. Intermediate Modern Physics II (added 10/04/15)
  • PHYS 488. Condensed Matter Physics
  • PHYS 489. Introduction to Modern Materials
  • PHYS 588: Advanced Condensed Matter Physics I
  • PHYS 589. Modern Materials*
  • PHYS 688: Advanced Condensed Matter Physics
  • PHYS 689. Advanced Modern Materials*
Last modified: April 13, 2021