MECPI degree plan proposal

CHME understands that professionals in the chemical process industry have diverse continuing education needs, and thus have designed a flexible degree path toward the Masters of Engineering in Chemical Process Industries (MECPI). This form can be used to propose a 30 credit hour degree plan specific to your needs, to be reviewed by the MECPI committee. Write to if you have questions concerning completion of this form.
  • Please enter a number from 800000000 to 800999999.
  • Identify at least 15 credit hours of CHME prefixed graduate-level courses to be applied to the MECPI.
    Check the boxes of at least three of the core courses listed below that you wish to include in your MECPI degree proposal. Note CHME 548 is required of the MECPI, and thus you must check at least two other boxes.
    Elective CHME courses may be filled in using the text boxes beneath the core course list of checkboxes to bring the total to 15 credit hours (use the + at the right end of the box to add more boxes).
  • Students are expected to take a minimum of 6 credits of electives from any areas such as business, economics, fundamental sciences, environmental sciences, etc., to be consistent with their personal MECPI theme or emphasis. Add more boxes using the + at the right side of the first box.
  • Students will define and execute an engineering project through their employer while taking the following 3-semester course sequence (after completion of a minimum of 12 credit hours of CHME coursework toward the MECPI). Additional coursework (CHME or elective) may be substituted for the project. Students who wish to complete a project should take CHME 595, 596, and 597 sequentially (see catalog for description of project expectations in each of the three semesters).
  • Prepare a narrative to the MECPI committee describing how you personally intend to make use of the MECPI credential, thereby justifying the selection of proposed coursework.
    Accepted file types: pdf, docx, doc, txt.
  • Clearly identify the company in which you are employed, and provide some description of a proposed project that will fulfill the Project Work sequence of the degree plan (if applicable). This plan should be signature authorized by your direct supervisor. This narrative will not obligate you to this defined project as it is understood corporate priorities can change rapidly, but is intended to demonstrate to the MECPI committee that you have given consideration and discussed the plan with your employer. This narrative in only required if the student plans to take CHME 595/596/597 to use their engineering employment project to fulfill these six credit hours, and can be completed whenever the student is ready to begin enrollment in the first course in the sequence (does not have to be done for admission).
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, txt.