Sentinel for Safety


The NMSU Chemical Engineering Sentinel for Safety program is designed to solicit input from all constituency of the program in considering the safety of those who work in the department. Sentinal for Safety forms may be submitted to the Department Head at any time, concerning any safety issue or concern (Sentinel for Safety form).

Winners of Sentinel for Safety award recognition:

  1. Level I – Nasser Khazeni (Jan 2013, Ph D student)
    • Suggested that all users of the XRD device in the lab of Dr. Deng should complete radiation safety training through EH&S. David Shoep performed training in the graduate seminar within the month.
  2. Level I – Peter Daily (Feb 2013, junior)
    • Identified 48% HF solution stored in the laboratory without calcium gluconate antidote. The HF solution was prepared for disposal without incident.
  3. Level II – Meng Zhou (July 2013, lab manager)
    • Meng took on the task of addressing the majority of the 133 issues identified during the May 2013 safety audit, and closed them within the deadlines established.
  4. Level II – Harvind Reddy (October 2013, Ph D student)
    • 2013 Fall Lab Manager Safety Excellence Award
  5. Level II – Wenyan Li (March 2014, Ph. D. Student)
    • 2014 Spring Lab Manager Safety Excellence Award
  6. Level II – Luis Morales (Sept 2014, Environmental Manager)
    • Luis led the effort to document and implement a process to test and remove potentially explosive bottles of chemicals that were suspect of having formed peroxides.
  7. Level II – Sahar Qavi 
    • 2015 Spring Lab Manager Safety Excellence Award
  8. Level II – Jere Freeh, MSCHE student
    • 2015 Fall Lab Manager Safety Excellence Award
  9. Level II – Elijah Wade, Juanita Miller (for their leadership during a lead contamination clean-up)
    • 2016 Fall Lab Manager Safety Excellence Award
  10. Level II – John Schutte (April 18, 2017)
    • 2017 Spring Lab Manager Safety Excellence Award
  11. Level II – Joshua Gomez (April 12, 2018)
    • 2018 Spring Lab Manager Safety Excellence Award
  12. Level II – Feng Cheng (May 7, 2019)
    • 2019 Spring Lab Manager Safety Excellence Award