CHME Computer Use Policy


ChE Computer Cluster General Use Policy

This Chemical Engineering Computer Cluster General Use Policy is derived from the NMSU Personnel and Benefits Policy Manual, the Student Code of Conduct and the Computing and Networking General Use Policy. If there is any conflict in interpretation between those three documents and the Chemical Engineering Policy, the policies in the NMSU Personnel and Benefits Policy Manual, the Student Code of Conduct and the Computing and Networking Policy will prevail.

Ownership and Use

Computing equipment and resources in the Department of Chemical Engineering are owned or administered by the Board of Regents of New Mexico State University. Access to this equipment and resources is a privilege granted to clients to facilitate instruction, learning, research and administration. File space or storage allocated to a client is referred to as being “owned” by the client’s account or that client. The usage of this term is for convenience only and expressly does not imply legal ownership, but only permission to use these facilities under the policies and regulations of the University.


The Department of Chemical Engineering provides accounts for instructional use and for research use. Work related to instructional activities must be done on the Coursework Computer Cluster. Work related to research activities must be done on the Research Computer Cluster.

Conditions of Use

The users of the computing resources are expected to take a responsible and professional approach to the use of those resources. Since the resources are shared, every client must accept the specific responsibility of minimizing the impact of one’s action on others. Clients are not to use or develop programs that harass other clients, modify the system or account, or cause damage to system resources. No client may place commercial software or any software or data that is illegal for any reason anywhere in Chemical Engineering’s storage space.
Clients will abide by all posted regulations in the computer cluster areas. Disruptive behavior in the computer areas will result in immediate removal from the facilities.
Use of computer resources is provided primarily for academic activities. Other activities are considered secondary. During busy times, clients not using the facilities for primary activities will be asked to give up their access for others needing the services.


Clients should change passwords frequently, and should not reveal their passwords to other users (NOTE: if you are tempted to let another person use your account, consider carefully that you will be held responsible for anything that person does, including activities which may be subject to disciplinary action!). If a client has reason to believe that someone has gained unauthorized access to his or her account, the password should be changed and the suspicion should be brought immediately to the attention of a member of the Chemical Engineering faculty or staff.


Notwithstanding clients’ right to privacy, and any rights under the Electronic Communication Privacy Act of 1986, clients grant specific permission to Computing and Networking to inspect clients’ account and file space for investigation of suspected infractions of University policies or as needed for maintenance functions. Clients understand that without this permission, they will not be granted an account on Chemical Engineering equipment.

ChE Computer Classroom Rules

Anyone caught (i) eating, drinking or smoking in this room, (ii) using the Ch E Computing facilities for improper purposes, (iii) vandalizing or intentionally causing damage to the facilities will be subject to the following penalties:

  • 1st offense – written warning
  • 2nd offense – account disabled for one week
  • 3rd offense – account disabled for the semester

Anyone using another account after their account has been disabled will be banned for the semester and the account being used will be closed for the semester. Violations of this policy will be reported to the professors and further disciplinary actions may result.

ChE Coursework Cluster Rules (monitored by AICHE)

  • The classroom facilities are for students currently enrolled in Chemical Engineering courses ONLY.
  • The research computers facilities are for work related to research activities in the Department of Chemical Engineering ONLY.
  • Report all problems to
  • Use only laserwriter or xerox paper in the printers.
  • Save all work on personal storage devices. File storage will be purged periodically for maintenance purposes and work will be lost.
  • Do not alter the computer hardware, the housing, the connections to the network or the printers in any way.
  • Playing of computer games is not considered appropriate use of these facilities.
  • Do not add your own paper to the printer tray. Paper is provided by the Chemical Engineering Department.
  • Anyone yelling, roughhousing, or otherwise disturbing the work of others at any time will be asked to leave.
  • Please help keep the lab clean by putting waste paper in the recycle bins, putting trash in the trash can and picking up after yourself.