Young Scholars Summer Research Program in Chemical & Biological Engineering at UC-Boulder

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the second year of the Young Scholars Summer Research Program in the Chemical & Biological Engineering Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. The program is an intensive REU-like 10-week summer research program intended to prepare undergraduate students for graduate school and a career in research in science and engineering. Participants will have the opportunity to work on independent research projects in specific research laboratories within a diverse range of fields, which encompass the research strengths of the department, including biological and tissue engineering, functional materials, catalysis, and renewable energy. The program will further include weekly professional development seminars on preparing for graduate school, entrepreneurship, and careers in academia and industry. These seminars will include presentations and panel discussions with current graduate students, faculty, and local industrial and technology transfer representatives. Additionally, there will be an end of the program research symposium where participants will present their research in a department seminar setting for which monetary research awards will be given. Other highlights of the program include a $5,000 stipend, travel allowance, and free housing.

We expect the program will be highly competitive and serve as a springboard for the very best students to excel in graduate school and beyond. The program is open to all undergraduate students majoring in chemical and/or biological engineering and related fields.

We ask that you encourage your top students to apply and would appreciate your help advertising the attached flyer to the undergraduate students in your department. The website for the program is

Many thanks in advance for helping to spread the word about the program and thus contributing greatly to its success.


Jennifer Cha
University of Colorado Boulder | Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
3415 Colorado Avenue | 596 UCB | Boulder, CO 80309-0596

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