The Accelerated MSCHE



Get your MSCHE 15 months after the BSCHE.

The MSCHE requires a total of 32 credit hours to complete.  The catalog states, “A student who is in the final semester of a bachelor’s degree program and is completing all requirements for graduation may take up to 12 credits of graduate-level courses that are numbered from 450 through 598 for credit toward an advanced degree.” (i.e., the MSCHE)  

This reduces the total number of credits required to complete the MSCHE after completion of the BSCHE to 20 credits, which can be completed in as little as 15 months as follows:

  • first summer: CHME 599 (1)
  • first fall: CHME 501 (3), CHME 514 (3) CHME 599 (3)
  • spring: CHME 506 (3), CHME 542 (3), CHME 594 (2), CHME 599 (1)
  • second summer: CHME 599  (1)

What can this degree do for you?  “Every time I was being considered for promotion in Intel, the MSCHE from NMSU provided me with the additional credential that permitted me to climb the managerial ladder,”  John Mercer (MSCHE 2004).

If you will graduate in May 2017, have a grade-point average of 3.0 or better over the most recent semesters in which the last 45 semester hours were completed, and may wish to pursue the accelerated MSCHE at NMSU, fill out this form and bring it to Dr. Rockstraw (leave the course information blank).  

  • There is no application fee at this point.  
  • You don’t commit to this program of study until you complete your BSCHE, at which time you will make application to the NMSU Graduate School.  

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