Sustainability Program Coop Position

Job ID: 57341
Job Title: Sustainability Program CO-OP

NMSU Cooperative Education Program

Intern Position Announcement: SUSTAINABILITY INTERN

Preferred major: Sustainable Development, Environmental Science, Civil Engineering, Geography

Preferred status: upperclassman or masters student

Preferred: 3.0

Summary of the functions to be performed by the student employee (must be related to their academic major):

  • Assist with operational assessments and cost effectiveness of energy and water conservation, renewable energy alternatives, carbon reduction, recycling and other areas of environmental focus using Excel.
  • Assist with public outreach efforts through newsletters, website, and special events translating sustainable progress in a popular format.
  • Assist with research to support sustainable practices within the City.

How long you would like the job announcement to remain posted: run three weeks.

Part-time 20 hours during school and up to Full-time in Summer.

Lisa LaRocque

Sustainability Officer/Economic Development Department

Direct: 575.541.2177 Main:  575-528-3477,

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