Spring 2020 schedule errata

The spring 2020 schedule was posted today.  The following changes will be made to this schedule:

  • CHME 324L and 424L will only be offered on Tuesdays.  Section M02 of both courses listed on Thursdays will be deleted.
  • CHME 303 and 305 will swap times.
  • CHME 361 will be offered online with exam meetings.
  • CHME 470 (online with exam meetings) will replace CHME 476.
  • CHME 495L will be offered on Saturdays.
  • CHME 468/568 has been deleted and CHME 491 M03 Electrochemistry Basics and Applications will be offered by Dr. Zhou instead.
  • CHME 491 M01 Brewing and Distilling in Belgium and the Netherlands will be offered as a short course after the spring semester and will require traveling to these countries to study brewing tradition.
  • CHME 491 M02 Development of Agricultural Technologies

Note also section M70 is reserved for Adobe Connect students who are taking the course remotely from campus.

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