Sales Coordinator

Position Title:

Sales Coordinator

Job Description:

Stahmanns Inc. is a family-owned pecan farm that has been in business since 1932. Based near Las Cruces, NM, Stahmanns grows and cracks millions of pounds of pecans per year. We focus on quality and always strive to stay at the forefront of the industry. The sales coordinator facilitates communication between accounting, shelling, quality, warehouse, and the customer. You are responsible for achieving sales goals, maintaining positive customer relations, and organizing the production, quality, and delivery schedule. Sales coordinators need to be friendly and highly organized. You will spend most time on administrative tasks such as creating contracts and sales order releases, keeping track of inventory, speaking with brokers and customers, maintaining sales records, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The core responsibilities for this position are:

  • Maintain organized sales records and report sales data to the senior management team
  • Be the liaison between senior management, sales, warehouse, shipping, and marketing
  • Work with marketing to generate ads and communicate with new customers
  • Support senior management by creating and managing contracts, completing orders, and keeping customers informed of delays and delivery dates
  • Understand, in detail, the company’s departments, operations, and products
  • Monitor inventory while effectively tracking new products for sale
  • Promptly answer customer emails and calls
  • Communicate frequently with brokers to keep tabs on the market
  • Present status reports during weekly meetings


  • Experience with analytics and online advertising
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Excel
  • Strong work ethic and self-motivated
  • Skilled in organization, problem-solving, customer service, and multitasking
  • Must have strong communication skills
  • Must be able to assist in all sales and marketing campaigns
  • Experience in sales in the wholesale food industry preferred but not required

Job Location:

22500 South Highway 28 La Mesa, NM 88044

Approximate Hourly Pay:




  • Healthcare
  • 12 days paid time off to start
  • Potential to grow
  • Pay rate depends on experience
  • Contact Name:

Andrea Williams

Contact Email:

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