Rockstraw/Martinez to study 3D-printed mechanoluminescent materials under LANL contract

Undergraduate CHME senior Matthew Martinez will work with Dr. David Rockstraw on a $40,000 contract issued by Los Alamos National Laboratory to study 3D-printed mechanoluminescent materials.  Mechanoluminescence refers to the emission of light resulting from any mechanical action (such as ultrasound) on a solid..

Martinez and Rockstraw will develop a methodology and proof of concept to manufacture, at a reasonable scale, mechanoluminescent materials and/or nanoparticles.  Mechanoluminescent materials will be identified that are viable for 3D printing/additive manufacturing, while seeking applications beyond 3D printing, including stickers, paint, etc.  The research team that includes LANL R&D Engineer, Justine Davidson (Weapon Response W-10 Division) will define the sensor abilities for use with mechanoluminescent materials such as pressure, mechanical force, electromagnetic, etc., including identifying methods by which to utilize existing or novel optical diagnostic techniques using mechanoluminescent materials/particles.

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