Employer Job Post Form

Employer Job Post

This form permits employers to post information about jobs for which they wish to target NMSU CHME students as potential applicants.
  • Directions

    This form is used to develop a post for the "Employment" list of the CHME website. All fields below will be assembled into a post unless noted with "not posted." The "Special Instructions" field, which can be used to provide the post approver with any additional information. The Requestor Name and email will not be posted. This information is for contact if the CHME department head needs to clarification about the content of the post.
  • Provide a suggestion for how this post should be titled in the Employment list.
  • Indicate the company title for the position (e.g., co-op student, engineering intern, etc.)
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    Attach a PDF file that contains information about the job. This file will be added under the "job description" heading.
  • Provide details and responsibilities about the position.
  • Identify in what city/'state the position is located.
  • Describe any other benefits associated with the position, including relocation and living accommodations.
  • Decorate your post with a corporate logo. Upload an image file (JPG, GIF, PNG) for that purpose.