NMSU CHMEs perform at AICHE Regional at Colorado School of Mines

NMSU student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was represented by 24 CHMEs:

  1. Matthew Armijo
  2. Dirk Barton
  3. Logan Cooper
  4. Malachai Dehler-Egan
  5. Megan Donart
  6. Sarah Fox
  7. Jessie Linder
  8. Nicolas Carrera-Little
  9. Esai Lopez
  10. Brianna Medrano
  11. Maria Carmona-Montalvo
  12. Avery Nevling
  13. Jackson Nickolekno
  14. Thalia O’Neill
  15. Jamey Palomares
  16. Stephanie Richins
  17. Karen Sanchez
  18. Eduardo Saldivar
  19. Tarah Schuman
  20. Skyler Scott
  21. Richard Dylan Stupka
  22. Jacob Usrey
  23. Leah Wofford
  24. April Wright

NMSU took fourth place in the CHEME Car poster competition with “Billy the Skid.”

Stephanie Richins was awarded third place in the research paper competition!

Jesse Linder won the Instagram competition.

See photos here: https://minesaiche2019.weebly.com/photos.html

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