New things a p-card can buy

Purchasing is trying to transition the allowable purchases under $3000 from PO’s to the procurement card (PCard).
This is a list of some purchases that can be made on the PCard if under $3,000.
1.            Catering (without a contract/agreement)
2.            Food products
3.            Equipment (under $1,000)
4.            Safety boots
5.            Membership dues
The card has many restrictions. Please reference the Business Procedures Manual (  sections 4.00.45, 4.40.645 and 5C.20.05 for additional information. If you have any questions please feel free to contact PCard Services at 575-646-7125 or via email at

***Please remember that Purchase Orders must be approved, completed and in place  prior to receiving goods and/or services. ***

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