Mathematical model of salt migration and coving phenomena in an adobe wall


Establish the conservation equations and boundary conditions needed to solve for the transient movement of salts from the soil into an adobe wall upwards from grade.  This project will build on work performed by Dr. Rockstraw with others in Mesilla Valley Preservation, Inc. 

Completion Objectives:

  • The complete set of conservation equations and boundary conditions relevant to the defined geometry will have been defined to model water and salt migration through the adobe wall.
  • Finite difference methods will be employed to solve the system of equations to demonstrate how salts accumulate in the wall and in a sacrificial rendering located adjacent to the load-bearing structure.
  • Present results at a national meeting (AICHE and/or EarthUSA)

Faculty Advisor:


Required Competencies

  • CHME 306
  • CHME 392
  • suggested participation in Mesilla Valley Preservation, Inc. “Salt Attack Remediation in Adobe and Other Masonry Structures” October 11-15, 2016 (registration fees will be covered┬áby the PI)

Student Researcher:


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