Lusby (BSCHE 07) receives NASA Exceptional Engr Achievement Medal

Brian Lusby (BSCHE 2007) has been awarded the NASA Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal for his work on SpaceX Dragon.  Lusby developed an independent fluid dynamics model of the spacecraft propulsion feed system, validated with hot fire test data, to help certify the vehicle for the Demo-1 mission. This included ensuring the maximum design pressure was not exceeded due to water hammer effects and assessing potential thruster performance deviations due to pressure transients in the system. He then had to assess the changes to the system for the crewed Demo-2 mission to ensure the changes did not lead to pressure wave frequency coupling with other component frequencies that could lead to inadequate thrust and loss of control of the vehicle. This mission was the culmination of several years of effort to certify a new US vehicle for human spaceflight.  Congratulations Brian!

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