Lab coats in JH 289 available to CHME researchers

You probably have noticed the lab coats found on a rack near the entrance of JH 289.  These are provided to support CHME researchers, funded by the overhead returned to CHME based on the research expenditures of the faculty.  Feel free to use them!  There are four types of lab coats:

  • standard lab coat (white)
  • barrier lab coat (white, high neck)
  • flame resistant lab coat (9632 FR LAB COAT)
  • flame resistant lab coat with chemical splash protection (10217 FR/CP LAB COAT, blue with black collar)

You can find a decision tree on the CHME website to help you identify which of these coats best serves your needs in the lab.

Used lab coats should be placed in the large containment unit found on the left just outside the doors to JH 289.  Cintas will pick these up and replace used/soiled coats each week.

CHME will monitor use of the lab coats and adjust supply as necessary.

There is also an inventory of safety glasses in the safety zone (black/yellow striped tape on floor at entrance) on the shelves on the left of the first bench top.  Again, these are provided for CHME researchers to use. Put your name on a pair and leave them in the provided storage boxes inside the lab when you leave so they are waiting for you upon your return to the lab.

If you have additional PPE needs, please contact Dr. Rockstraw

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