Known Fall 2019 class schedule issues

The following are known and will be fixed:

  • CHME 412 and I E 365 conflict.  I E 365 will be moved to TTH 12:00 – 13:15.
  • The time slots for CHME 423L and CHME 323L will be switched.
  • CHME 452L should only be on M.  
  • CHME 352L should not be offered until spring.
  • CHME 392 and CHEM 433 overlap by 20 minutes.  CHME 392 will be moved to TR 0730-0845.
  • CHME 306 should all be one section M01.  The TR recitation should only be T.  The F meeting should only be 50 minutes and will be moved to begin at 10 AM to avoid conflict with CHEM 433.

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