Identification of ASBC analytical method capabilities across NMSU


Student will become knowledgable of the many methods of analysis maintained by the American Society of Brewing Chemists, and determine to what extent NMSU is capable of performing each, including identifying capital resources and expertise needed of those methods for which there is no or partial capability at NMSU.

Completion Objectives:

A list of those ASBC methods

  • that can be performed at NMSU and contact/location information where each method can be requested;
  • for which partial capability exists at NMSU, and the resources that would need to be procured to establish full capability; and
  • for which no capability exits at NMSU.

Faculty Advisor:


Required Competencies

Student should have completed CHEM 115/116 and CHEM 313/314/315. Students who have completed CHEM 371/471 (analytical chemistry) are highly desired for this project.

Student Researcher: TBD

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