Five NMSU CH Es to fill Five USU intern positions

Five NMSU CH E juniors (Tyler Balding, Rodrigo Rodriguez, Brandon Terpenning, Jessica Aughenbaugh, and Eugenio Soto) have been offered all five of the summer internships in the Utah State University in the Biological Engineering program.  These internships include housing and a weekly stipend.  Each student will be assigned a unique summer research project under a different mentor.  These projects will be chosen from the following titles:

  • Field project modifying an Rotating Algal Biofilm Reactor for energy efficiency; including mass and energy balance research.
  • Development of laboratory scale Rotating Algal Biofilm Reactor for harvesting algae; including mass and energy balance and chemical analysis.
  • Spider silk engineering production research.
  • Metabolic engineering of natural products for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Synthetic biological engineering on the USU iGEM 2014 team. Cellular and genetic engineering of microbes.

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