Fermentation Technician

My name is Emily Westermeier the recruiting manager for Trait Biosciences. Ivette Guzman suggested we reach out about your company and one of our current hiring needs as she thought there may be some students on the fermentation track who would be interested in this role. 
We’re a biotechnology research company using innovative science and human ingenuity to unlock the potential of cannabis and hemp by creating naturally pure, water soluble, and pesticide free cannabis products for the world. Our lab is in Los Alamos, NM – so we’re hopefully pretty local for some
We’re currently hiring a Fermentation Technician for our Fermentation Lab and thought the Chemical Engineering program may have graduated or soon to be graduating students who would be interested in this role. 
I’ve attached the job posting for your review and to share with anyone you think may be interested. Please let me know if I can provide any other information or insight.
Emily Westermeier
Recruiting Manager
Trait Biosciences 
mobile: 1.317.973.4785
site: www.traitbio.com
email: emily@traitbio.com

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