Spring 2020 Shires Graduate Research Seminar Series

Date(s) - Fri 03/13/20
1:30 pm - 2:20 pm

Jett Hall (JH) 259 Watkins Connected Learning Classroom


Speaker: Juanita Miller

Title: Research Scale Pressure Vessels and Guess the Risk Game

In this episode of CHME Laboratory Safety will look at some typical research scale pressure vessels and their hazards. As you may suspect, the greatest hazard is a vessel yield, also known as an explosion. But other failures can be very problematic too.

We will see a video from a noted university on the safe use and operation of these types of pressure vessels. We will review details from Paar Instrument Company on some their equipment. Then we will play a short game of “Guess the Risk” about which parts of a vessel are most likely to fail. And this will lead to some speculation on why other parts of a vessel can catastrophically fail causing much destruction.