MAE Faculty Meeting 190118

Date(s) - Fri 01/18/19
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Jett Hall (JH) 116 - MAE Conference Room



  1. Phillip Deleon – research
  2. Report on search progress
    1. Shu – head search
    2. Lee – junior searches
  3. Allocation of effort and Digital Measures due today
    1. received from: Abdelfeki, Gross, Sun, Sevostianov
    2. draft teaching assignments for fall 2019
    3. Allocation of efforts to be finalized and signed by end of month
  4. 2018 Performance Evaluation schedule
    1. Rockstraw to review and deliver each a draft by 02/18/19
    2. one-on-one meetings to occur through 03/01/19 to review and sign
  5. MAP (Masters Accelerated Program) – forms must be filed and documented in office
  6. MAE “Faculty” section of 2019-2020 catalog (send me changes by email ASAP, final edits due next week):
    1. Professor Chaitanya, Sevostianov; Associate Professors Garcia, Lee, Y. H. Park, Shashikanth, Shu; Assistant ProfessorsAbdelkefi, Drach, Gross, Kota, Kuravi, H. J. Park, Sun

      V. Chaitanya, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins)– materials characterization, materials degradation, corrosion, electrochemistry, failure analysis, energy; A. Abdelkefi, Ph.D. (Virginia Tech)– nonlinear dynamics, energy harvesting, aeroelasticity, fluid-structure interaction, vibration and controls; V. B. Drach, Ph.D. (New Hampshire)– mechanics of composite materials, multi-scale modeling and characterization; G. V. Garcia, Ph.D. (Texas A&M)– damage detection, experimental mechanics, vibration; A. Gross, DEngr. (Aachen)– computational fluid mechanics, active flow control, and numerical methods; K. Kota, Ph.D. (Central Florida)– heat transfer enhancement, energy efficiency, thermal-fluid interaction on engineered surfaces; S. Kuravi, Ph.D. (Central Florida)– renewable energy, thermal systems, concentrating solar power, thermal desalination, energy storage; Y. S. Lee, Ph.D. (Illinois Urbana – Champaign)- aeroelastically, fluid-structure interaction, nonlinear system identification; Y. H. Park, Ph.D. (Iowa)– design optimization, computational solid mechanics, atomistic and molecular simulations; H. J. Park, Ph.D. (Michigan)– dynamics, optimal control; David A. Rockstraw, Ph. D., Ph.D. (Oklahoma)– chemical process design, analysis & simulation, catalysis and reaction kinetics, activated carbon, trade secret and intellectual property litigation; I. Sevostianov, Ph.D. (St. Petersburg, Russia)– micromechanics of materials, mechanics of biomaterials, mathematical physics; B. Shashikanth, Ph.D. (Southern California)– fluid mechanics, dynamical systems, controls; F. Shu, Associate Department Head, Ph.D. (Purdue)– experimental fluid dynamics, biofluidics and turbulent flow; L. Sun, Ph.D. (Brigham Young)– unmanned systems, towed cable systems, sensor network, cooperative estimation and control, optimal control.