JH Renovation Weekly Progress Updates

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Date(s) - Thu 09/14/17
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

JH 274 - CHME Conference Room


room #DescriptionCompleted
0bulletin boards hung on the walls
0security camera installation
177Panopto connection
177computers for undergrad lab installations on tables (which need to placed and powered)
177light switch moved or one added to where students enter the lab using the trilogy lock.
178remove boxes of ceiling titles and any other construction materials
184unistrut installation
184Seidel Brew Lab utility installation
193water plumbing to experimetal rigs
193damaged lab benches/tables/chairs
193lab coat racks installation
193telephone connection for Gulino
193Eyewash station has two problems. The push-handle to turn on the water flow is broken. Also, there is no drain connection, so any water ends up on the floor.
193Remove wood tables that were placed in this room. They do not belong to CHME.
193access items sealed into old closet next to south stairwell
193finish distilled water plumbing in NE corner of lab
193Have three sinks which need paper towel and soap dispensers and trash cans
252bookshelves need to be secured to the walls
252Light Fixtures are dim
259Panopto connection
265JH 265 was noted in the designs to be converted to a faculty office.  The vented door is not secure.  We need this to be changed to a solid door without vents to prevent someone from removing the screws/vents and gaining access.
268flooring installation in front of sink. Color selection complete.
268security camera installation
274wires hang from ceiling
274need TV installation completed
274counter and sink need to be finished
278cylinder rack mounted on south wall to be moved closer to the fume hood to permit access to coat rack (to be mounted on south wall near entry door)
278In Fume Hood #206 the outlets do not have electricity and the light cannot be turned on.
289220V installations
289installation of front rails on the shelves of the mobile work stations, adjusting drawers and counter tops for levelness.
289Fume Hoods have an oxidizer cabinet which is not vented per the contract drawings and the supplier has been asked to propose a solution.
289Cabinets under the mobile workstations, as delivered, did not meet contract documents. They were not supplied with interlocks to prevent people from opening multiple drawers which could tip the cabinet over.
289gas cylinder mounts for fume hoods
289Blackboard door entryX
289balance negative pressure airflow
289Hardware for gas cylinder storage on walk-In style fume hoods to utilize built-in rails.
289Pass through hardware on all hoods must be installed on both inside and outside of ports.
289Hood 388 (bench style) has a cracked sash which must be fixed.
289Hood 379 (walk-in style) has a hole underneath which goes to the lower floor. This must be plugged/patched/filled/etc.
290Two 220 V outlet installations
292floor tiles should be made one color
295telephone connection for Zhou
0Light fixture going up the staircase, east side of Jett Hall, is missing its cover.
outside SE corner of Jett HallDeep holes found where dirt sunk at corner of Building and at corner of where wall begins for ramp. CD showed Orasa 8/2/2017.
289Documentation of UL/FM Rating for Flammable Cabinets as part of Fume Hoods from Vendor and Architect confirmation.
282Splash protector on common drain sink between Autoclave and Glass Washer. When drains are running water splashed onto the floor and under the Autoclave
T165data room door does not close properly

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