CHME Faculty meeting

Date(s) - Fri 01/24/20
8:30 am - 10:00 am

Jett Hall (JH) 274 CHME Conference Room


  1. CHME grad degree deficiency requirements
    • proposal to permit each research advisor to determine and document the extent of deficiencies required (piloted with Reza’s student Aveem this semester) 
    • approved, with addition of CHME 505 (306), 512 (412), 507 (307), and 591 (special topics) to be added to catalog to permit deficiencies to be taken at grad level (though not counted toward grad degrees).
  2. Catalog change proposal for MECPI
    • make the degree more flexible to the needs of each MECPI student
    • permit local (campus-based) students to enroll 
    • student proposal form (for use by students to define their degree plan for approval by MECPI committee)
    • approved
  3. CHME elective & minor of study strategy (CHME 449, 470, 471, 476, 481, 495 are all electives tied to a minor)
    • Nuclear minor redesigned.  
    • content-specifice electives to be put online.
  4. Assessment Responsibilities review (Mitchell)
    • deadline of 2/14/20 imposed for completion of CARs, to be reviewed at 2/28 faculty meeting
  5. zyBooks v Felder/Rousseau for CHME 101/102/201 (Brewer/Mitchell/Jena)
    • decision made to use zyBooks only for Matlab, and return to use of Felder/Rousseau for 102/201.