CHME Faculty Meeting

Date(s) - Thu 02/21/19
1:30 pm - 2:45 pm

Jett Hall (JH) 274 CHME Conference Room


  1. Diana V. Dugas, PhD – Cyber Infrastructure Architect (15 min)
  2. KC Carroll, Ph D – multidisciplinary program proposal in Arid Lands Science and Management (15 min)
  3. Faculty meeting schedule for 2019 (10 min)
    1. Proposed monthly virtual faculty meetings using Canvas/Adobe Connect class labeled CHME Faculty Meeting sandbox as a means to practice and resolve problems for May-August meetings.  
    2. DH to establish learning goals for each session and seek solutions for all issues identified during each session.
    3. Fall faculty meetings scheduled for Fridays.
  4. Chemical Orders Process/Policy: