CHME Annual Assessment Meeting 2016

Date(s) - Mon 11/21/16
9:00 am - 11:00 am

Jerry Shaw Conference Room (GH200)



2016 faculty assessment meeting agenda
09:00Review agenda
09:05Review continuous self-study (Rockstraw)
09:45Review pending/proposed changes to EAC criteria (Mitchell)
09:55 Review 2016-2017 AY assessment assignments (Rockstraw)
10:00Quality Initiative - Report on writing assessments (Schutte, Gulino)
Junior – Senior Level Writing Rubric
Sophomore Level Writing Rubric
10:15NMSU Quality Initiative (Shelly Stovall)



  • PEO changes
    • Change PEO 3 from “be on a path to management or research leadership” to “be on the path to leadership.”
    • Change PEO 4 from “continually seek to further their education through continuing education and professional development” to “build new skills sets through continuing education and professional development.”
    • Graduate PEO 1 change from “design programs of study…” to “design research studies…”
    • Graduate PEO 3 becomes two PEOs
      • original: “work independently as well as collaboratively, while demonstrating understanding and application of the professional and ethical responsibilities of the engineering profession”
      • New: (1) work independently and collaboratively; and (2) apply  professional and ethical responsibilities of the engineering profession.
    • Think about developing assessment methods for the graduate PEOs soon (draft available for 2017 faculty retreat)
    • add an “and” at the end of PEO 5
    • remove “new or” from PEO 2
  • Self study changes:
    • Remove “NMSU Administration” as a constituency of the program.
    • Be less specific as to the timing of the faculty retreat, just indicate it will be annually.
    • Change 2E to discuss the new IAB and Academy roles.  Add wording that AICHE and CHEGSO will review annually too.  Citizens of NM must be represented through the other constituency.
    • Remove “(5-year or less)” from alumni form.

Meeting adjourned when time contract was exceeded.  Faculty will continue review of self-study and assessment data in faculty meetings during the balance of the academic year.  Notes will be added below as progress is made.