2018 CHME Safety Stand Down

Date(s) - Tue 05/15/18
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Jett Hall (JH) 259 Watkins Connected Learning Classroom



A Safety Stand-Down is an event during which operations are temporarily halted to talk about safety and to correct safety violations.  

Due to the numerous violations of safety processes, waste disposition procedures, and general housekeeping deficiencies that have been identified on recent in-house and third-party audits,

CHME will stand-down all research laboratory operations for the period of May 12-15, 2018

No research is to be performed in CHME spaces during this period. 

Researchers may only enter the labs to (1) improve housekeeping, (2) update chemical inventory, or (3) address safety violations in their work spaces identified during the recent audits.  A summary of the violations will be posted shortly to permit researchers to begin addressing shortcomings of their spaces. 

ALL CHME Researchers (including faculty) named on an ESP are expected to come to JH 259 on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 9 AM, where CHME will hold a conversation on the following topics:

  • Safety Violations identified during Lab Audits
  • Violations of Hazardous Waste handling and disposal
  • Working Alone policy
  • Lab/Fume Hood Airflow and sash positions
  • Hood/Space Approvals and ESP Process
  • Lab Commissioning  (faculty deadline for completion of this training will be issued)

ALL CHME researchers will follow the conversation by entering the lab and addressing ALL of the identified violations.  Failure to attend will result in loss of lab access until a time when Rockstraw & Miller (at their availability) can cover these topics with you on an individual basis.  

[gview file=”https://chme.nmsu.edu/files/2018/05/CHME-wide-Safety-Stand-down.pptx”] [gview file=”https://chme.nmsu.edu/files/2018/05/Jett-Hall-292-1.pdf”] [gview file=”https://chme.nmsu.edu/files/2018/05/Jett-Hall-289-WKS-areas.pdf”] [gview file=”https://chme.nmsu.edu/files/2018/05/Jett-Hall-289-Fume-Hoods.pdf”] [gview file=”https://chme.nmsu.edu/files/2018/05/Jett-Hall-278.pdf”] [gview file=”https://chme.nmsu.edu/files/2018/05/Notification-of-Event-Summary_2018-05-11-16_42_00.pdf”] [gview file=”https://chme.nmsu.edu/files/2018/05/Chemical-Inventory-Audit.xlsx”] [gview file=”https://chme.nmsu.edu/files/2018/05/2018-stand-down-attendance.pdf”]

Daniel Ellis was also in attendance (name cut off at bottom of scan)

[gview file=”https://chme.nmsu.edu/files/2018/05/sample-inventory-log.pdf”]