Education, Extension and Outreach for Guar and Guayule Bioeconomy in the Southwest


Guar and guayule are two crops with potential for large-scale production in the arid Southwest. The target products are natural rubber, resin (for commodity chemicals), and bagasse (for liquid fuels) from guayule, and guar gum (emulsifier), guar meal (animal feed) and bagasse (for liquid fuels) from guar. This project is part of a larger USDA-funded and University of Arizona-led coordinated agricultural project entitled Sustainable Bioeconomy for Arid Regions (SBAR) with research, extension, outreach and education components. Part of the education, extension and outreach components are the identification, modification, development and implementation of curricula and activities for students in K-12. Other components include extension and outreach through live field day events at NMSU research farms and the projects website presence.

Completion Objectives:

• Update, organize, and maintain spreadsheet of teacher classroom/activity resources and provide support to graduate SBAR fellows using spreadsheet for resources in their classrooms.
• Present a poster describing spreadsheet and use at the SBAR annual meeting in August.
• Prepare written and graphical content for SBAR project websites hosted by the University of Arizona and the NMSU WordPress site.
• Attend and document NMSU Agriculture and Plant Science Center field days to collect information for the wider SBAR research group regarding shareholder identity and interests, and relevant complementary research being conducted at NMSU off-campus facilities.

Faculty Advisor:


Required Competencies

CHME 301, website admin experience

Student Researcher:

Esai Lopez

Work Products

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