Dr. Zhou has hydrogen research funded

Dr. Meng Zhou has been funded $78K by Batelle Energy Alliance of Idaho National Laboratory for a project entitled, Novel Metal Oxides for Hydrogen Production Through High Temperature Steam Electrolysis.”

Abstract:  Hydrogen is the clean energy and has the potential to replace the fossil fuels in many applications. However, the traditional way to produce hydrogen from natural gas and biomass suffered from huge carbon dioxide emission. Water is the rich source of hydrogen, the room temperature water electrolysis has drawn certain attentions in electrochemical community, yet the expensive catalyst, high electric energy consumption and low kinetics limited the further development of this method and bring out new challenges. High temperature water electrolysis provides a solution to the aforementioned problems by using the waste heat from nuclear power plant, but the materials are facing fast degradation and weak mechanical modulus when the temperature is above 600°C. Hereby, we propose water electrolysis at intermediate temperature (≤ 400°C), using proton conducting ceramic membrane as the bridge, optimizing the anode and cathode catalysts to achieve long cycle stability and high hydrogen production efficiency.

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