Design of Automation for Seidel Brewery


Automation presents great opportunities for improving efficiency and design within the beer industry, even at the micro- or craft scales. Some examples include small-scale, automated grain-transfer systems and automated brew kettles with volume and heat sensors. Innovations for these processes decreases the amount of labor to perform monitoring (watching the kettle) and repeated tasks (shoveling malt and transferring spent grains one bucket at a time). Designing and implementing automation requires an in-depth understanding of the process steps and the sensors used to provide feedback to the control systems. The overall goal of this project is to propose components that could be added to the Seidel Brewery to improve brewery performance and to train students in the use and integration of automation. Initially, work will focus on understanding the mechanisms and operation of sensors within the Anton Parr analysis unit and as hand-held devices.

Completion Objectives:

• Study sensors and controls of Anton Paar analytical lab and microbrewery
• Research current automated brewery systems/technologies and consult with experts in field
• Begin drafting applicable automated system for microbrewery

Faculty Advisor:


Required Competencies

Knowledge of homebrewing and microbrewery unit operations

Student Researcher:


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