Clean up after yourself! Your momma doesn’t work here.

“It appears we were the target of an OCCUPY protest.” 

The images below show the mess that was left in the Shires Library at the conclusion of finals week. 

This is just one of the spaces recently left in an unacceptable state by those who study here.  Such behavior is disrespectful of others and is unacceptable in CHME.

Thank you to Monica (who is not your mom) for taking the time to clean the Shires (her time is paid for by CHME). This is NOT an appreciated budget expense.  It is understood that students are stressed during finals week, but when finals are through, you should take responsibility to clean up after yourself.  

The mess was even nastier than the photos indicate.  

CHME is constantly entertaining potential students, visitors, researchers, politicians, and alumni.  It is imperative these spaces be maintained in clean condition at all times.  Alumni considering five- and six-digit gifts and scholarships to CHME will opt to give their money elsewhere if they see students are disrespectful of the facilities they are given to use during their studies.  

The Shires Library is now off-limits to students until further notice.  

Use of the CHME Commons and computer lab will also be restricted if they digress into a filthy state.  

The parties who left the Shires in this condition should take responsibility, and put in some effort to make amends to their classmates.

AICHE is asked to develop and enforce a space management plan for the Shires, Commons, computer lab, and kitchenette (all of which have been looking unkept of late) to assure staff are not put in a position to have to clean up after others like this again.

Keep in mind that these spaces can easily be converted into alternative uses for the program, and students can be asked to use central study areas at Corbett and the Library if they are unresponsive to these requests. 


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