CHMEs Keep State Great!

The NMSU AICHE Chapter represented the Department at the Keep State Great event on 10/25/2014.  This entry may read like an testimonial, but I’m okay with that.  There isn’t really much to say besides they gave up a Saturday morning to pick up trash thrown on the ground by the Once-lers.  That is the story, the fact that they gave up prime study or R&R time to clean the Mesilla Valley for the rest of us. I moved to NM in 1995.  I have stayed despite numerous significant career opportunities because I love it here.  I could list so many reasons why I love it here, but the beauty of the landscape and the smell of the petrichor are sufficient quality-of-life improvements compared to from where I came.  I’m happy to spend my days surrounded by people who see fit to spend their free time keeping clean this beautiful spot on the planet for the rest of us.  Next year, I’m going to drag my bones out to help.

These CHMEs Rock!




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