Carol Dyer to receive the 2018 Stephen W. and Robert E. Roberts Memorial Staff Award

CHME Administrative Assistant Carol Dyer was selected to receive the Stephen W. and Robert E. Roberts Memorial Staff Award, in recognition of dedicated, outstanding service to the university.

The following traits are desirable for employees to become nominees for this award:

  • A highly motivated person who is a self-starter.
  • A person who exhibits dedication to the university.
  • A person who will remain at the university after receiving the award and serve to influence others through behavior that exemplifies sincerity, motivation, and dedication.
  • A person who not only performs a specific job, but who serves the university and community as a responsible citizen.

There will be a ceremony in her honor to receive this award.  The ceremony will be held on October 25,2018 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm in the Corbett Center Senate Chamber (302).


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