Analysis and Pelletization Methods in Support of New Mexico Hop Growers


New Mexico’s hop industry is only a few years old but is growing to provide local and specialty hops to New Mexico’s craft brewers. To be marketable and to manage their own hop quality, hop growers need to characterize their hops for alpha/beta acid content, essential oil content, and hop storage index (HIS), a proxy for hop freshness. Hop farmers also need some level of processing (drying and pelletizing) for hops to be in a form that brewers can use. This project will focus on setting up the capabilities of NMSBrew to provide these services and advice to the hop growers.

Completion Objectives:

• Set up and gain familiarity with ASBC methods: 6a, 12, 13 and 17.
• Evaluate potential of NMSBrew for providing hop pelletization services.
• Create cost estimate for fee-for-services for hop characterization and processing.

Faculty Advisor:


Required Competencies

laboratory safety training, CHEM 315, CHEM 316

Student Researcher:

Jacob Usrey

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