F. Naiomi Tapia (BSCHE 2006, MSCHE 2008)

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Tapia F. Naiomi

BSCHE 2006
MSCHE 2008

Current Employer:


Job Title:

Environmental Engineer

Career Discussion:

  • Supporting liaison among Victaulic U.S. facilities and local environmental agencies.
  • Research environmental regulations and applicability to Victaulic facilities.
  • Facilitate development of facility environmental programs.
  • Assess, manage, and implement necessary improvements to environmental programs.
  • Develop and implement comprehensive training plans to ensure activities attain and maintain continued compliance.
  • Facilitate development of various environmental/emergency response procedures including SPCC & PPC plans, among others.
  • Manage environmental reporting/fees, waste disposal (haz, non-haz, etc.).
  • Assist in permit renewals/compliance, chemical review, and capital/expense project management.
  • Manage/maintain environmental task tracking system.
  • Assist the Environmental Manager on regulatory/remediation issues as required.

Fondest NMSU Memories:

  • Long nights in the Ch E lab working on projects in Aspen and N2 Ice Cream socials!

submitted on 10/28/2015

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