Jerry Strange (BSCHE 1971, MSCHE 1974)

Strange Jerry

BSCHE 1971
MSCHE 1974

Current Employer:

Retired from El Paso Natural Gas Co.

Job Title:

Retired as Director of Marketing

Career Discussion:

Worked as Process Engineer in Gas Conditioning. We were responsible for designing, starting up, and trouble shooting gas plant facilities to purify natural gas for transmission in El Paso’s main pipeline system.
Later worked in project sales to build stand alone gas processing plants.
Transferred to El Paso’s gas transportation group where a new transportation business was built.

Next, I was part of a team that assembled a new group called Field Services that offered gas well tie-ins, gas processing, and field transportation services.
Lastly, I joined El Paso’s Gas Transportation group that marketed the transportation space in El Paso Natural Gas Company’s mainline pipeline system. I retired as Director of that group in 2003.

Fondest NMSU Memories:

  • The sense of accomplishment as I progressed through my undergraduate and graduate course work.
  • The camaraderie of my class and especially the informal study groups.
  • The shenanigans that happen when creative people need a “blow out”.

submitted on 10/28/2015

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