Ken Dickson (BSCHE 1978)

dicksonDickson Ken

BSCHE 1978

Current Employer:

Oklahoma State University

Job Title:

Adjunct Professor

Career Discussion:

Ken retired from ExxonMobil Development Company in July, 2015 after a 38-year career in oil and gas production. Ken graduated in 1978 from New Mexico State University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. His career started with El Paso Natural Gas (now part of Kinder Morgan) building gas transmission pipelines and compressor stations. In 1980, Ken move from El Paso Natural Gas to Phillips Petroleum to design and build gas-processing facilities in Oklahoma. After 5 years working with Phillips Petroleum, Ken took an educational leave of absence to attend graduate school at Oklahoma State to work on his MS in Chemical Engineering. In 1987, he received his MS in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University and when to work at Exxon Production Research in Houston.
During his 5 years at Exxon Production Research, he worked on compression / pumping of sub-sea full well stream production, gas hydrates and cryogenic CO2 separation from natural gas. Due to his previous construction and design experience, in 1993 Exxon requested Ken move to Exxon Company International and start working on international oil and gas developments. This started Ken’s +20 years working on international oil and gas production projects. After working on projects in the UK North Sea, Chad/Cameroon, Australia, Nigeria, Canada, Indonesia and back to Australia, he retired in July of 2015.
Ken resides in Mesilla, New Mexico and Stillwater, Oklahoma with Terry, his wife of 36 years. He successfully built homes in Mesilla and Stillwater while working overseas (primarily by email, pictures and phone). Though it is not recommended to be absent from construction project, it is a good way to prevent change and control costs (if you can’t see it, you can’t change it). Ken hobbies are music, minerals and motorcycles.
In January 2016, Ken started a Professor of Practice in the Chemical Engineering Department at Oklahoma State University. Ken is thrilled with this opportunity and hopes he can give back to OSU’s Chemical Engineering students a greater understanding of the benefits and rewards from a career in engineering.

Fondest NMSU Memories:

Ken grew up in Clovis, New Mexico, therefore NMSU was a natural choice for university studies. Ken can’t remember exactly why he chose Chemical Engineering, but quickly learned it was a natural fit and he thoroughly enjoyed studying at NMSU. Ken enjoyed the Las Cruces area from the start and close to retirement he purchased a home in Mesilla in 2011 while living overseas in Indonesia. Though he splits time between homes in Stillwater, Oklahoma and Mesilla, New Mexico, he considers New Mexico his home. Ken has fond memories of going to NMSU football and basketball games, even if the Aggies weren’t always on the winning side. NMSU Chemical Engineering was like a family, good leadership from the department and professors, but approachable and always willing to spend time with students. ALSO, GREAT WEATHER!!!

submitted on 10/22/2016

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